Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt
Nomad modal t-shirt

Nomad modal t-shirt

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Sustainable, silky-smooth touch must-have for your travel capsule wardrobe. Organic cotton and modal biodegradable t-shirt for every modern traveller.

Biodegradable fibre
Organic cotton

Size Chart

Medium/slim fit. Julia (first picture) is 177 cm (5’ 8“) tall and is wearing size XS here. She has 80 cm (31.5’’) in chest, 66 cm (26’’) in waist and 86 cm (34’’) in hips. She usually wears size XS. Klem. (lifestyle picture) is 162 cm (5’ 3’’) tall and is wearing size S here. She has 87 cm (34’’) in chest, 70 cm (27.5’’) in waist and 85 cm (33.5’’) in hips. She usually wears size S/M.



Unquestionably, the go-to-tee for every full-time traveller. This sustainable t-shirt is made from organic cotton and modal - a wonderful man-made fibre, which makes this t-shirt biodegradable and naturally sourced.

Modal's silky-smooth touch makes it one of the most cosy vegan t-shirts to wear and its qualities make it an essential element of every travel capsule wardrobe. It's a breathable, wrinkle-resistant and quick-dry t-shirt perfect for all digital nomads. The colours on it don't fade away as quickly as from natural fibres, so you can cherish your black or white t-shirt for longer. Are you new to modal and its wonders? Read more in the "Materials & Manufacturer" section below. 

product features


Relaxed fit Medium fit Slim fit


Thin Medium Thick


Opaque Medium See-through

Wrinkle prone

Wrinkle prone Medium Wrinkle resistant

Ease of drying

Dries slowly Medium Dries quickly

materials & manufacturer

Finished at our manufacturer MerchYou in Slovakia, Bratislava; produced by a Fair Wear Foundation Leader Stanley/Stella in Bangladesh. Learn more

50% organic ring - spun combed cotton 50% Tencel™ Modal
Organic cotton
Cotton represents nearly half the fibre used in the textile industry and only part of it is what is called organic cotton. If sustainably and ethically produced, organic cotton is a great alternative to a conventional cotton and it’s likely the most popular choice for an eco-textile. Contrary to conventional cotton, it uses far less water, no insecticides, reduces contamination of groundwater, poses no risk of cancer to workers, and encourages biodiversity. Globally, conventional cotton cultivation accounts for about 5% of global pesticide use even though it is cultivated only on about 2.5% of global arable land. From a circularity perspective, being a natural fiber, it has the added benefits of being 100% biodegradable, given there were no harmful chemicals used during the processing of the fiber. Certain certifications can help with cotton evaluation. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of textiles, ensuring that both environmental and social standards, such as safe and hygienic working conditions, no workplace discrimination and fair pay rates, are respected. This isn’t however the only certification focusing on organic cotton. There are also others like Organic Content Standard (OCS), Cotton made in Africa Organic, the EU Organic Standard, bioRe Sustainable Cotton or the Fairtrade Cotton.

Tencel™ Modal
Modal is a man-made, bio-based fabric produced from beech tree cellulose. Since beech trees require less land and water to grow than cotton, modal is considered a more sustainable option than cotton. In comparison with other viscose fabrics, modal fibers are stronger, more durable, lighter and more breathable. Modal is also much more absorbent than cotton, slightly stretchy and silky-smooth in touch, which is why it will make a great addition to your luggage.

product care

Do not wring, wash with low load and slow spinning. Cold wash at maximum 30 degrees, inside out, with similar colours. Do not tumble dry, air dry instead without any delay. Reshape while damp. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not bleach, embrace all colours. Do not dry clean. Iron on the reverse side with low heat at maximum 110 degrees or wear rumpled proudly. Never stop exploring, but explore responsibly.


Sustainable This product is produced in a sustainable way, which means that it is created in a way that can be sustained for this and future generations, while protecting both Planet and People producing it. It is produced by a Fair Wear Foundation Leader Stanley/Stella which -by using materials like organic cotton and Tencel™ Modal - helps sustain natural resources and improve the livelihood of people involved in its production. For more information on our supplier read on.
Certified This product is certified by our supplier, Stanley/Stella as GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Fair Wear and Vegan Approved, which means that they had been vetted prior to ensure a safer and more sustainable environment for people to work in and all of us to live in. The statement print is GOTS certified, which means that the components used for printing are safe for humans and the environment. Despite the fact we are not a certified company yet, this shows our commitment to always choose the best in terms of ethics and sustainability. We would like to share with you as much information as possible to help you make an educated purchase decision. While we are aiming at being certified ourselves, currently we rely on our suppliers and pay great attention to the products we supply, to make sure they are healthy for you and the Planet. Even though we can't market our products as certified, we choose the best and certified partners to create them. We just find it the right thing to do and we want to be transparent about that with you.
Organic materials This product is made from organic fabrics, which means that the fibre is grown without toxic substances, fertilisers and polluting pesticides. This translates into higher quality of the product, healthier soil, protecting local habitats, increasing biodiversity and improving the livelihood of people involved in growing the fibres. Organic materials also allow the biodegradation of the product at the end of its useful cycle. They are better for you, the People and the Planet.
Natural materials Natural fibres are not only better for your skin and wallet thanks to their superb characteristics, but most importantly they all come from renewable resources. Natural materials strengthen the circular system through biodegrading at the end of their useful cycle and since they easily decompose in the soil or water, they can safely return to nature where they came from. If the product is truly and 100% made from natural materials (including threads and labels), it doesn't pollute soil nor oceans with the microplastic and while degrading it doesn't leach toxins into the environment (unless such were used in the dying process). The drawback of using the natural fibres is that their colours fade faster and are more prone to discoloration, as well as they aren't as wrinkle resistant as the synthetic fibres. Luckily you can re-dye your clothes really easily and iron them when needed - hence, we are happy with that compromise!
End of Lifecycle - recyclable This product is fully recyclable at the end of its useful cycle and can be recycled through a chemical cycle. For returning it to recycle, simply decompose the garment into individual pieces. Check our 'Let's Reloop' tab for more information.

shipping & returns

Shipping Costs
We offer free shipping for orders above 150 EUR. For orders below we will add a shipping cost of 4,95 EUR in Germany or accordingly a cost from our price list per each European country. For detailed information read our Shipping & Returns page page.

Delivery Times
Our delivery times are 2-4 days within Germany and 3-7 days within Europe. All orders are processed at our main hub in Füssen, Germany, and we do our best to prepare your products for shipping within 3 business days.

30 Days Return Policy
You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification, however we want you to be happy with your purchase and make sure your products will be with you for a long time ahead. This is why we have an extended 30 days return policy. Go to our Shipping & Returns page to read more details.


Comfortable and silky-smooth all-day-long t-shirt for every true traveller who wants to travel light and smart.

Modal component makes this t-shirt more wrinkle-resistant and quick-dry. The combination of natural materials gives you breathability that you need while travelling the world. Quality logo embroided in the back will remind you to smile every day. An absolute essential of every travel capsule wardrobe!

Made of organic cotton and Tencel™ Modal, the product can be mechanically recycled at the end of its useful cycle or biodegraded in your backyard after removing the trims.



Using natural fibres supports the cradle-to-cradle model, where all raw materials are kept in use through biodegradation and returned to Earth at the end of their useful cycle. Choosing natural fibres allow for less dependency on non-renewable resources.

Biodegradation is not the only way out though. Natural fabrics can be also chemically recycled when their journey is over.



TENCEL™ Modal fibers are extracted from naturally grown beech wood by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fiber process, which is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood. This flexible fiber is renowned for its exceptional softness.

Composed of natural material, all TENCEL™ standard Modal fibers are biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

StanleyStella_Sustainability_ Inside our factory - Mohammad Shahin Alam, sewing operators



We believe in transparency and we want to share all information you need from us to make a fully conscious decision about your purchase. We carefully weigh our options when deciding who to work with, so as to make sure we’re always offering you the best we can. Because circularity is not just doing right by the environment; it also means making sure people are treated fairly.

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